The Best screen protectors for iphone X, XR, XS and XS Max

As compared to screen protectors, protective films do not provide the same level of resistance against scratches. Along with that, protective films the overall look of iPhone. Hence, most people prefer glass protectors over them.  We tested a number of reputed glass protector brands including Body Guardz and Zagg. These are well known brands available commonly but have a high price. When we compared these high cost protectors to the ones Having a lower price, there was not a lot of difference in the level of quality.

We use a standard process to test each screen protector. To start with, we installed each of them on the iPhone X. Our team also went through the instructions offered for installing the protector to check how helpful they were. Once the installation had been completed, we ran our fingers on the sides to see whether any sharp edge was bulging or not. Along with that, we viewed the standard of brightness and color resolution. While we were using the protector, the finger prints were left on the screen. We used a cotton T-Shirt to wipe off and see whether they came off easily or not.

Our team used the Mohs test which is not commonly by most protector manufacturers for checking screen hardness. Instead, the ASTM hardness by pencil test is used but this test is not good enough to test tampered glasses. The reason is that the maximum hardness of a pencil is 9H and it is not enough to test a tampered glass. We used the Moh’s kit that has constituents which can damage a tampered glass. Hence, as compared to the ASTM hardness by pencil test, the Moh’s test was more reliable.

We got a confirmation about the usage of Moh’s test by communicating with Dr Ivar Reimanis who is a reputed professor in the field of ceramic engineering and materials engineering at Colorado schools of mines. According to him, both tests were similarly reliable to check the screen hardness.

For the Moh’s test, we used a number 1 stylus and held it an angle of 70 degrees. After that, we dragged the stylus in different directions with an average force. We repeated this test for different screen protectors and until the glass was scratched. We recorded certain details at the end of each test including the stylus with the maximum number that did not scratch the glass and the total styluses that was unable to scratch it. The hardness ratings of styluses were not available to us so we ranked each protector on the basis of hardness. For instance, if a rating of 6 was given to a glass, it simply showed the resistance that it had.

Our team did not use drop tests because we think that they do not have the desired relevance. In addition to that, drop tests fail to produce the same level of impact on the phone. Hence the results produced by a drop test cannot be considered as the same for all situations.

Based on our tests, the Cellularize iPhone X Screen Protector Tempered Glass was the best. It had a score between and 7 and 8 for the Moh’s test. The same level of durability was not portrayed by any other protector. There are various other benefits that Maxboost puts on the table for its users. To start with, the Maxboost protector is much cheaper than various other expensive brands. Secondly, even the low price package has three protectors. Thus, even if you mess up one of them, you can peel it off and apply the second one. The package contains wet and dry wipes that are used to clean the screen before the protector has been applied.

Cellularize has a good screen protector sold on Amazon at a good price at the moment.

Top 4 Best USB-C Cables And Adapters

When it comes to the USB cables and adapters, you know you need the right ones because slow data transferring speed and slow charging can actually be very frustrating in real. On top of it, most of the USB-C cables look identical, but their functions and operations are entirely different from one another. For example, the charging cable of Mac looks precisely the same that is used for Thunderbolt 3. The point is that when it comes to the adapters and cables department, things can get really messy and confusing which is why today we are here with a compilation of some of the best (tested) USB-C cables and adapters so that you can spare yourself from all the hassle and buy what you need easily.

1-Anker Powerline II USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable
If you are looking for the best USB-C cable that works exactly like what it’s created for in the first place, then you need to get the Anker powerline Gen 2 cable right now. No matter what USB-C device you have, if you have the right charger for it, this cable can do wonders to you and it can give you some real quick charges and data transfers. On top of it, this cable is 3 feet long which is like a dream come true for people who love to use their cell phones late at night while their phones are connected with the sockets.

2-Anker PowerLine II USB-C to USB-C 2.0 Cable
Another wonder by Anker Powerline, this cable can charge anything, from laptops to tablets and mobiles. The data transfer speed with which this cable comes is great as it supports USB 2.0 speed and as far as the power is concerned, well, it comes with a power of 60 W which again is a win-win as you can charge anything at a reasonable speed. It’s 6 feet long which again is the most adored feature, and it’s USB-IF certified which means that it meets all the criteria of an excellent USB cable.

3-Belkin USB-A to USB-C Charge Cable
If you want to connect a USB-C device with a device that comes with a USB-A port, then the Belkin charge cable is the best thing to use. This cable has covered it all for you, whether you want to use it with a battery pack, a laptop or even if you simply want to connect it with the wall charger, you can do that with this cable. The data transfer speed of Belkin is great, the cable itself if 6 feet long and this one is also USB-IF certified so technically, this is the best USB-A to USB-C Charge Cable.

4-AmazonBasics USB-C to USB 3.1 Adapter
Do you want to connect USB-A cables with USB-C ports? Well, if yes then the AmazonBasics adapter is what you need to opt for. The advantage of AmazonBasics is that it doesn’t resemble a nub adapter, in fact, it’s more of a short cable that can help you connect easily. This adapter comes with a 6.3 inches long cable which is great as you can use it with a lot of accessories and as far as the data transfer speed is concerned, well, it comes with data transfer rates of USB 3.0 which is quite fast.

These are some of the best cables and adapters that we have tested for you. So, now without wasting any more time just get your hands on any one of the above-mentioned products and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with what you buy.