Most Durable Micro USB Charging Cables in All Times

Are you sick of changing your micro USB charging cables because they get out of order after frequent use for some time? Don’t worry, you are on the right page now where you will get to know about the most durable charging cables that you can use comfortably without the tension about their being out of function after some time. Whether you need to charge your mobile phone, your Bluetooth device, your Bluetooth hands-free or any other device, you can easily charge them with the following most durable and fast charging micro USB charging cables.

Cellularize Micro USB Extension Cable (For just $10)

They are highly recommended for the customers because they provide fast charging at a very low price of just $10 which is easily affordable. It has been designed in a way that provides the end-to-end strength as they are capable to withstand any rough use, twisting, dropping and stretching etc. because of their texture. They are designed with a double nylon braid outside with a fiber core that provides the ultimate strength. Furthermore, the thick wire gauge ensures the fast charging through minimizing the resistance in the way of current.

Nomad Ultra Rugged 1.5 Meter USB A to Micro USB (For the value of $35)

The top most advantage of using this type of charging cable is that it comes with different charging head/tip options to charge any type of mobile phones. This removes the need to keep different chargers all the time with you if you have two or more mobile phones with different types of charging slots/inserting tips. Whether you have an iPhone, or an Android phone or the smartphone of any other company, you can just buy this single cable and enjoy the fast-changing experience. Furthermore, it removes the hassle of carrying multiple chargers with extra burden with you all the time. It was made up of such a nylon material that is 1000D which is specially designed for greater durability to withstand any rough and tough use. Additionally, these cables come with a warranty of 2 years.

iSeeker High Charging Micro USB Cable Nylon Braided (For just $11)

One of the greatest advantages of using this type of cables is that they are pretty much longer (about 6 feet longer) than other cables and therefore, you don’t need to worry about the nearest charging socket if you are also using the mobile at the same time. You can just plug it anywhere and easily sit at some place and use it easily. Another advantage of using these cables is that they come up with a warranty of a lifetime. The ultra-thick cooper diameter of these wires offer minimum resistance and thus, provide the fastest charging. They are made up of tangle free and sturdy nylon and woven fabric and aluminum connector of 8000+ bands.

Syncwire Micro USB Cable (For Just $8)

It is rated as the best one for this price which supports 7000+ bands over its lifetime. It is designed with a triple braided nylon fabric that enhances the tendency to withstand any tangle, twist or stretch. Another advantage to buying this is that you get 2 pairs if the value of just $8 and also with a lifetime warranty.

Fuse Chicken Micro USB Cable ($25)

This is the most durable cables with industrial-grade. They are designed in a way that the actual cable is wrapped among high strength and flexible layers of steel to provide greater strength and more durability. It is highly recommended if you have pets like cats or dogs into the house that may harm your cables or if you need it for more rough and tough use.

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